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Contaminated Land

Raw Earth’s specialists deliver effective solutions for a range of Contaminated Land Management (CLM) services to satisfy our clients’ present and future needs.
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Land Contamination Assessments & Remediation

Industrial and agricultural practices have resulted in contaminated land, which can threaten human health, the environment and result in unexpected costs for the sale, purchase and development of properties. Our specialist Environmental Consultants offer a range of soil and groundwater assessments to suit our clients’ project objectives. 

Raw Earth’s environmental solutions from investigations to remediation and validation ensure public and environmental health is protected while meeting regulatory obligations. Using National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA, Australia) laboratories for sample analysis, we ensure the highest quality in results and reports.

Land Contamination & Remediation

Contaminated Site Management

Raw Earth’s Environmental Consultants embrace innovative problem-solving to meet our client’s project objectives whilst complying with State Environment Protection Policy 55 (SEPP 55). Remediation of Land Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, (1998) and state codes of practice. Our team of Environmental Scientists and Geologists provide a range of high quality specialist consulting services in the following fields:

Environmental Site Investigations

Preliminary Site Investigations
Detailed Site Investigations
Remediation Action Plans
Validation & Site Monitoring
Environmental Due Diligence
Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
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Soil Classifications
Acid Sulfate Soil Assessments
Soil Vapour Assessments
Salinity & Aggressivity Assessments
UPSS Validation Assessments
Soil Remediation Strategies
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Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater Assessments
Groundwater Systems Installation
Groundwater Monitoring & Reporting
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Environmental Waste Management

Waste Classifications
ENM Resource Recovery / Exemption Order
Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM)
Excavated Natural Material (ENM) assessments
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We found the team at Raw Earth Environmental to be agile, efficient and solutions focused. They always take the time to understand our business and our requirements when it comes to environmental assessments and preparing our sites for development applications (DA).
Nick Caltabiano, Operations Manager - NEO Consulting Pty Ltd