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Acid Sulfate Soils

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Acid Sulfate Soil Investigations and Management Plans

Acid Sulfate Soils are naturally occurring soils containing iron sulfides. When these sulfides are exposed to  air, oxidation occurs and sulfuric acid is produced. Acid Sulfate Soils are requested at some properties as part of a Development Application (DA).

Raw Earth's Environmental Scientists and Geologists are experienced in the investigation and determination of acid sulfate soils for your development, we can also provide tailor made Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plans for your site  where required.

We found the team at Raw Earth Environmental to be agile, efficient and solutions focused. They always take the time to understand our business and our requirements when it comes to environmental assessments and preparing our sites for development applications (DA).
Nick Caltabiano, Operations Manager - NEO Consulting Pty Ltd