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Soil & Waste Classifications

Raw Earth’s specialists deliver effective solutions for a range of Contaminated Land Management (CLM) services to satisfy our clients’ present and future needs.
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Classifying waste at a development site, for reuse, recycling or disposal in building projects can mean considerable cost savings and future risk management, although this process is regulated by each state’s EPA.
Raw Earth helps clients protect and preserve the environment by ensuring compliant waste management, as well as protecting human and ecological health by maintaining methods to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Raw Earth can conduct the sampling and data interpretation to classify your solid waste (soils), liquid waste and organic waste materials for re-use or disposal to landfill and licensed facilities. Recyclable materials including brick and concrete may also be classified, along with hazardous wastes such as asbestos. Samples can be collected and pre-classified either in-situ for immediate disposal or after excavation has occurred whilst waste has been temporarily stockpiled within the site.
All soil and liquid wastes must be classified prior to being removed from a site.

Raw Earth can conduct assessments to classify your soil and rock waste as Excavated Natural Material (ENM) and Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM).

Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) & Excavated Natural Material (ENM)

A pre-classified waste which can be reused or recycled when appropriately classified, resulting is inexpensive disposal fees.

Land Contamination & Remediation
We found the team at Raw Earth Environmental to be agile, efficient and solutions focused. They always take the time to understand our business and our requirements when it comes to environmental assessments and preparing our sites for development applications (DA).
Nick Caltabiano, Operations Manager - NEO Consulting Pty Ltd