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Groundwater Monitoring

Manage Groundwater Levels & Prevent Damage By Salt Water Intrusion, Drought or Flooding.
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Why is Groundwater Monitoring Important?

Identifying the pre-existing conditions of groundwater prior to beginning any development work at a site is essential to manage or remediate contamination. This process involves development and installation of Groundwater Wells to be gauged and sampled to identify any contaminants which may be present as well as groundwater characteristics including depth and flow direction.

Raw Earth assists with managing health and environmental risks associated with contaminated groundwater through the following services:

Groundwater Assessments

Our specialists can identify and assess groundwater at your site and make recommendations for management and remediation.

Groundwater Systems Installation

Raw Earth can source and install temporary or permanent Groundwater Bores for your property or site.

Groundwater Monitoring & Reporting

Groundwater samples are collected to identify subsurface areas impacted by the migration of groundwater contamination plumes and their risks. Raw Earth provide insights to manage costs and maintain compliance.
We found the team at Raw Earth Environmental to be agile, efficient and solutions focused. They always take the time to understand our business and our requirements when it comes to environmental assessments and preparing our sites for development applications (DA).
Nick Caltabiano, Operations Manager - NEO Consulting Pty Ltd